Friday, May 13, 2016

Star Wars - Imperial Assault Game Pieces

So there is this game out there, called Star Wars - Imperial Assault

It has game pieces that are different characters, and they come with no coloring, except for the plastic they are cast in - which for this particular set was either grey or tan. (You can see the base of each piece for the original color.)  The majority of pieces are about two inches tall, so I wasn't able to capture some of the smaller details on the figures.

These belong to a friend, who asked me to paint the characters for his game.  So here are some pictures of the progress, and a quick fly-by video at the end.   Here is a link to a series of tutorials for painting these figures, which I referenced often because, sorry Star Wars fans, I didn't know all of the characters so I had to do some research.:…

Friday, April 8, 2016

The Curious State - A Day Trip

This is a post I wrote about two years ago.  It is an exercise in using your imagination and senses as a filter through which to view the world around you...

The introduction to the story is here.

Are you ready for the opera? As you open the front door, step out and smell the dewy morning air, feel the bright warmth of the sun and hear the crunch of the gravel underfoot as we start out.

The curtain rises on the stage of open fields, with the backdrop of sky and forest.   Do you hear the chorus of birds singing with the melody of the breeze?  Do you see the butterflies dance and spin along the top of the grassy carpet?

As your eyes take in the landscape, watch the waves in the grass as the breeze moves through.  The wide open space runs up to the edge of the forest, but from here, you can see the sky without obstruction.  As you gaze into the expanse of sky, see how the change in the shades of blue gives a hint to the curve of the atmosphere, and leaves you to wonder how, just beyond that darkest blue, the stars wait for their turn on stage when the sun takes its final bow of the day. 

Let's walk on.

If you pause beside the stream that babbles next to the path, listen to the water telling of how it makes its way from the sky to the top of the mountain, down to the valley, stopping to water the grass on the prairie, then moving on to the stream, to the river, to the ocean, and back to the sky.

Here we are at the edge of the forest.  The variations of the brown and green colors is amazing!  The canopy provides some welcome shade as we enter this new landscape. . .

This is part of a story I have been working on.  My goal is to work on some images to go with the story, but for now, use your imagination to see the landscape.  Create some images of your own as you seek out your adventures.

What beauty can you see as you go out into the world?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Random Thoughts That Run Through My Head

It has been a little while since I've written anything here, so just an update on, well, not much!

I'm just sharing some of the thoughts that are currently either taking up residence, or running through my head.

While I have at least two projects that I really no, I mean REALLY, need to finish, I am thinking about taking a sabbatical of sorts when they are finished.  Which would mean putting the Etsy shop in vacation mode, and pausing my thought process for new things to list, or talk about, or post on Facebook.

This means that I could totally free up this brain space for things that I want to work on, or get back to - like taking the time to go for a walk with my camera, play piano without guilt, and use my own perspective to capture things that interest me.  As a creative thinker, you would imagine I did that automatically.  Well, I used to.  But with the idea of a "creative business", I feel a little more pressure to try to make things that are more popular right now, or things that other people might like.  As a people-pleaser, that tends to equal pressure on myself to do the right thing, make sure people know it's there, and get that thing done and listed.  NOW!

And I don't know about you, but my human nature kicks in when I feel a "HAVE to" I respond with an "I don't WANT to!"  And procrastination takes over.  It is an exhausting exchange of thoughts and ideas and nothing really getting accomplished.

I do work full time, so my creative time is a little more limited to the hours between getting home from work, getting dinner ready, and helping with homework.  And yes, there are days I use that as an excuse.  I'm human after all. 

My busy season tends to be November and December, as most of what people know me for is custom Christmas ornaments.  I am extremely grateful for people who have contacted me for those orders, and hope that those one-of-a-kind gifts will begin to create or extend wonderful family memories. 

But from the business side of thinking, I'm not sure I can grow this to something more.  So do I keep plugging away with what I have, or set it aside for now, and for those who know me, and as a hobby, I can help when and where I can.

Any thoughts, suggestions or opinions?  I would love to hear about them!

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Gift of Encouragement - and a Giveaway! Giveaway now closed

There are a couple of things that led to this post.
  • I am the mother of a college student
  • I like to think of new ideas and projects
  • My college student has a birthday in the next few months
  • College students like care packages
  • College students need encouragement
Okay, so maybe five isn’t “a couple” but you get the idea…
Anyway… My idea is for a package that can be sent to anyone, but to start, I am thinking college students.   What do you think of sending a little birthday celebration/care package?  There will be different options, but to begin I was thinking for a daughter, niece, etc. a package with some (not all) of the following:
  • a cute little banner/garland,
  • some encouraging note cards,
  • perhaps a paper flower bouquet or tiny wreath (something small to add a bit of home-y-ness to their room),
  • an illustrated, encouraging quote to hang on the wall
  • a crocheted coffee cup cozy
  • reusable hand warmers
Now…can I ask for your help?

If you were a college student, are a college student, know a college student (male or female), what simple, handmade item(s) would you like to see included?  How many items would you want included?  Would you want it spread out over a few mailings, like a short subscription of sorts?

**I’m not looking for food items, but am considering the option of having it sent either directly to the student, or to the “gifter” so they can add favorite snacks and goodies…**

On to the giveaway part!!!
If you would leave a comment letting me know what other ideas you have for items to include, and maybe who you would send a package to, I will enter your name in a drawing for a sample package!!!

Thanks for your input!  :)

Monday, January 18, 2016

Here we go - 2016

I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. Maybe I'm just too lazy to make that kind of commitment.  

Maybe I know myself too well and if I were to fast forward a few weeks (or days???) I would fall flat on my face with any new goals that have to do with eating better, or moving more...

I do make To-Do lists, and I do have goals I try to keep track of.  As I try to re-organize my thoughts and my work space after a busy Christmas season, I am grateful for the busyness and the new connections.  I look ahead to the next couple of months and determine what my next step or two or three will be.

As I try to catch up with dishes and vacuuming, I think about what other projects I have been wanting to try.  I do have a request of game figures to paint, so that is top of the list, but more ideas and thoughts fill in the next few lines.  I hope to get back to painting on canvas, and maybe some watercolors as well.  I need to get my camera out again, and stop relying solely on my phone to capture images and compositions.

I know some of these things have been on previous to-do lists, but that's okay.  I know I need to keep adding them as often as necessary to stretch myself, keep myself accountable and create.