Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Progress Report - Ornaments and My To-Do List

I have so many ideas, and am trying to get some order in my schedule.  So I will be sharing progress reports - about once a week, just to let you know what I have been up to. 

My progress reports will generally be pretty brief with just a picture or three of what I am currently working on.  They may include things that might not be considered "creative" in the sense of painting or making something, but they are things that are a part of my daily life, like doing dishes, baking cookies, helping with homework and well, you get the idea!

I have had some ornament orders, and as I get those off to their new homes, more projects are lined up.   I may get more ornament orders as Christmas gets closer, but for now things are fairly quiet.
**If you are interested in ordering an ornament, leave a comment or send me an email and I will get back to you!  I only take orders up until December 1st for Christmas delivery.**

My to-do list so far, includes writing more blog posts - stay tuned for those - and working on some more paintings and mixed media pieces.  I have an altered book art journal to work on (with a post series too!), and I need to try to finish the dining table I have been attempting to put together...


So... what have you been up to?

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Friday, October 17, 2014

The Story of My Art - "Michigan Field"

I grew up in Michigan in the middle of open fields, dusty roads and dairy farms.  The seasons were marked by the weather, but also by the activity of the farmers and their equipment that rumbled down the road on any given day. 

Spring meant plows and fresh tilled earth, smelling musty and yet somehow new.  New beginnings, new seed, new growth, new possibilities.

Summer brought hay balers and wagons traveling back and forth with one load after another of fresh cut hay.  That sweet smell in the heat of the day making its dusty way to the barn loft to be stacked and stored for use over the winter months.

Fall brought combines, corn pickers and the harvest of wheat and corn.  Once the wheat was gathered, the stalks were raked together and baled for animal bedding.  The corn was collected and ground into feed.

Winter didn't bring much work to the fields, but there was still plenty to do for the local farmers.  Animals to be fed, barns to be cleaned and equipment to keep running were just a few of the daily tasks.

This particular painting is of a field near where I grew up.  I found it interesting because it was a fairly flat field except for one large mound near the back.  I always wondered how that mound came to be, or how the rest of the field came to be flat!  Thoughts of burial grounds, or dinosaur fossils meandered through my mind when I was younger, and while I don't have an answer to the geological formation, the place still holds a fondness for me as it reminds me of home.
"Michigan Field"
Acrylic on canvas
8" x 10"
Original - $35 with frame
Print - $10

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stay Tuned. . .

I am working on putting together some things in an attempt to get a regular posting schedule going.  My tentative plan is to post two or three times a week.

- For Mondays I am working on putting together a series walking through art journaling.   It will start up the end of this month, to prepare us for walking through November with eyes and hearts of gratitude.  So stay tuned for a little instruction to come with those posts!

- Wednesdays will include updates and progress on current projects, which might just be brief descriptions or pictures of things I have going. 

- Beginning this Friday, I will be sharing the stories of my art.  These posts will give some background on some of the work I have done, which could include what inspired the piece or what transpired in my thinking while I was working on it.

I am looking forward to sharing these ideas with you, and would love to hear what ideas you are working on! 

Friday, October 10, 2014

The Story of My Art - The Series

On any given day, hundreds of ideas run through my head.  Sometimes I can catch them.  I might use words, paint, or graphite to mark the paper or canvas with the ideas.  I might use paper on paper too.  Many times, while I am working, the ideas become stories.  Some are longer, with more background than can be seen, and some are quite simple - perhaps only a few phrases long.

I will be sharing those stories here on Fridays.  Please be sure to come back and check in.  Or, Subscribe and get the posts delivered right to your inbox! 
To get us started, here is an example of one story from back in February...

What story are you creating where you are? Are you sharing it with those around you?

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Next Project: Self Portraits

I do have some ornaments I need to finish this week, but I also have some ideas that have been brewing for a time in my head.  

I think the next "series" I will work on will be a self portrait of sorts.  It isn't going to be a traditional picture of myself, but will be a little more abstract.  My thought process is that it will be a series of mixed media pieces that represent different memories I have from my life.  Things that represent some of who I am, and make up parts of my story. 

As I work through the ideas, I will post on my Facebook page, so come over and follow me there if you like, but I will also write about the process here.  Stay tuned. . .

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tis the Season

For painting ornaments! 

I have been painting ornaments for. . . wow!. . . I guess 10 years now!  I know I have painted hundreds to date, and already have a few orders pending this year!  Each one is hand painted, and around 4 inches in diameter.  I generally add details of snow, a wreath with a red bow on the front door, and candles in the windows for a little warmth and sign of life.  I have even had requests for dogs or snowmen in the front yard!

Here are some examples of my work:

And though you may be thinking about these things:

I have started thinking about Christmas and helping others find a unique gift that will hopefully be enjoyed for years to come. . .

If you would like to know more about ordering ornaments, visit my Facebook page.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Continual Prayer and A Faithful Answer

The girls took part in the See You At The Pole movement today.  It is where students gather at the flag pole outside of their schools to pray before school begins.  They have been doing this for the past few years and have been inviting friends to join them.  When I stop to think about that, I think about this prayer I wrote when the girls were still very small. . .

As I read it, I am amazed and humbled that God continues to answer this prayer, even when I forget to ask.  He is faithful and true, even when I am not paying attention.  How great is our God!

 Father, bless their sleep, my prayer
Guard their minds, their souls, their cares
Keep them still throughout this night
Wake them with the morning light

Bind their fears and grant Your peace
May Your mercy never cease
Stay with them all of their days
Bless them Lord, is all I pray

Lord of Hope, of Grace, of Love
Look on these girls from up above
Smile on them Lord, shine through them too
May they be bright lights, shining for You

May they know the love you gave
 By sending Your Son, our souls to save
Let them share Him faithfully
And allow others Your love to see

Father, bless their sleep this night
Keep their spirits shining bright
Thank You for this day we’ve spent
And for these girls who are heaven-sent.

--Holly Campbell