Friday, November 21, 2014

Updates, Progress and Ideas

Happy Friday!

I don't have a post for this week's Art Story Friday, but I am working on some for the near future, so check back soon!  I might space them out a bit more, like every other Friday as I try to finish some newer pieces to throw into the mix.

And. . . as the weather is getting colder, you might need some things to work on inside, so I am also putting together some Christmas craft ideas and tutorials to share as we move into December.  If you have any suggestions, just let me know!
 What are some of your favorite winter crafts to work on?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Creative Projects Using Scrapbook Paper

I know I have mentioned my love of paper before, and here is proof! (In dark, fuzzy pictures!)

I am trying to work on projects that will allow me to use all of these beautiful sheets, and while I do have some ideas of my own, I found some fun things that I will share here! (And while you are looking through these, I will be organizing my paper stash!)

Better Homes and Gardens (they actually have a few on this list alone...)
Home Stories A-Z Another few here...
and of course there is Pinterest...

I could spend hours days(!!) looking at all of the ideas and tutorials there!
Now to choose which project to try first...

Have you used scrapbook paper in any projects recently, what did you make? Share with us!

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Story of My Art - "Wilson's"

This is an oldie!

About a year after I graduated college, a friend who lived in Northern Illinois invited me on a 5-day summer bike trip with her, her sister and a couple of other friends.  We were headed to Door County, Wisconsin.  I drove from Michigan to her house in Illinois (only about six hours), with  my bike in the back seat of my car.  (I didn't have a bike rack, and where the front wheel was removable, it worked just fine!)
We snapped photos each day before we started out, holding up fingers to count each day.  And each day took us through more beautiful scenery. It was a beautiful trip through pastures of cows and fields of sunflowers, and along the coast of Lake Michigan...

We ended our trip at Rowley's Bay, and spend a couple of nights there before heading back.  One of the couples on the trip had driven their van up before we left, so we loaded up our bikes and drove back.  On our way back, we stopped at Wilson's, for ice cream.

Wilson's Ice Cream, Door County, Wisconsin
My friend said her family always stopped there when they were in the area.  I snapped a photo of it and as I began to play with watercolors, it seemed a good subject to try to capture.  This is an early work in watercolor.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Art Journaling - Jumping In

Now that we have our pages prepared, we will start adding layers of color and texture. This is going to be where your individuality comes into play. I will walk through the process, but you can add more or less as you work on your own pages.

In my book, I am not adhering to any hard and fast rules, this is where you let your creativity wander, and have fun with the project!

Using this post title as a creative prompt these first few pages will follow a theme of "jumping in." Here are a few words that theme brings to mind:
  • diving in
  • water
  • jumping
  • splashing
  • toes first
  • no fear
  • cannonball!!
  • water wings
  • life preserver
  • beach ball
And when you see the words, where does your imagination take you? What colors come to mind? Do you see the water, maybe poolside with puddles and sunshine and laughter? As you think about diving in, do you imagine standing on the edge of the pool, or if you are REALLY brave, the end of the diving board, toes curled over the edge, staring down the sparkling ripples on the water's surface? That flutter in your stomach of - what is that - excitement, anticipation, fear...

Does that same flutter arrive when you think about doing anything creative, or when you think about this art journaling? Sometimes you just have to jump in! So. . .
Here we GO!

Here are some photos showing the beginning of the process:
book pages painted with gesso

several pages glued together

To be continued. . .
Is there a project that you are "jumping" into?

Friday, November 7, 2014

The Story of My Art - "Through a Glass Dimly"

This painting was an experiment in abstraction.  I wanted to paint a landscape of sorts, but keep it very loose.  Using a palette knife, I began by painting greens, browns, whites and blues in horizontal bands across the canvas.   I used acrylic paint mixed with matte gel medium to add body and dimension.

As I worked, I remembered, that for quite some time I wanted to play with the idea of the view looking out a window during a heavy rain.  I originally was thinking watercolors, but this was an opportunity to experiment!
I started pulling the paint down from the top, the way rain runs down the outside of a window, blurring the landscape yet adding interest. Making the details on the other side difficult to make out, yet giving hints of what lies beyond the pane.

It brought to mind the verse:  1 Corinthians 13:12  "For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known."  Some versions say "through a glass darkly," and between the two is where the title came to be.
"Through a Glass Dimly"
11" x 14"
Acrylic with gel medium on canvas