Wednesday, May 30, 2007

My creative journey

I have been taking photos lately, trying to capture something to inspire me to paint. I enjoy watercolors, but am toying with the idea of acrylics on canvas. I also enjoy just taking the photos. I like using the camera to frame subjects, buildings, plants. I may print some in black and white, and try to hand color them. Perhaps try some different methods of coloring them--colored pencil, watercolor, marker, crayon, who knows!

I would really love to be free to experiment, to try different things, but I am chained by my own fear. I can travel so far into the creative process, but at a certain point, am yanked back into the circle of safety, of the known, of the tried experience. I want to stretch the circle, make it larger and larger until the boundaries burst with creativity, true expression, joy!

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