Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Going home

My girls and I just came back from a trip to Michigan. That is where I grew up. I hesitate to call it "home" because so much has changed. I have changed, the people there have changed, the place has changed.

It makes me think about what 'home' is. Is it the place your family inhabits? Is it where you feel loved? I believe home is not on this earth. We wander this earth trying to find a place to fit in. We may fit in for a while, but then something changes--it might be us or the other person, or the place. Then we are sent back out on our search, our journey.

I think perhaps this is the way God meant it to be. He doesn't want us to get too comfortable here. He has bigger, better plans for us, and a bigger better place for us. I am not sure where He is asking me to go from here, but I do know He wants me to seek Him, and His will. So for now, I need to journey to my knees, seek His face, and pray He will show me the way--His way.

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