Thursday, August 30, 2007

How This Began

Once upon a time, an idea was formed. Money was in short supply and Christmas was fast approaching. Names had been drawn for family members, but how would gifts be bought? Mixing together creativity, heritage, artistry, and frugality, the idea was born. The house the family members had grown up in was painted on a glass ornament. It could be a simple decoration for their tree, or an heirloom to be kept and shared for many years to come.

This is how I started this business of painting ornaments. I have since painted over 100 ornaments, including schools, churches and homes. They have been given as Christmas gifts, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, even going away gifts. I hope they continue to bring joy to those who received them, reminding them of the places they love and the ones who love them.

Here is one example of my work. People send me one or several photos, and I paint the ornament. They can be personalized with names, sayings and dates.

Each ornament is hand painted.

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