Sunday, March 2, 2008

House Hunting

We have been looking at houses, trying to find something that will work for our family. In some ways it is heart breaking, because many of the wonderful old homes with so much character have been left to fall apart.
I think of the people who built these homes. I imagine them as hard working, trying to make a living, or trying to make a home for their family. I think of the pride they took in their work. Doing their best, using strong wood, sturdy tools, and a work ethic that should be admired.
Today I hear of builders using inexpensive materials to make as much money as they can. Is there any work ethic left? Is there any pride in one's work? Is there any consideration of the family that will be occupying the house?
Perhaps there are some, but it still saddens me to see these beautiful old homes-now just houses-falling in on themselves. Doesn't anyone care?

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  1. I feel the same way about Older houses, I live in one that was built in 1906. We have a small farm with big old tree's and a barn that needs repairs. Fall is really beautiful here, and the leaves have taken over. There is always something to do on this old house, but we love her. We have given it a new life.
    This house would have been lost to the future had we not given it a little TLC.
    Thank you for your comment...I will return to see you again. Mary, Idaho


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