Monday, August 18, 2008

My project. . .continued. . .

Here are some photos of the project I last mentioned:

The first is the unaltered painting--it is about 20 years old! I liked the idea behind the painting, but not the painting itself. So I decided to work on it some more.

This is a copy of the wedding photograph of my grandparents. This painting is a corner of their kitchen.

They had a dairy farm, and Grandpa would come into the house, sit in this chair and take his work boots off. His hat is hung on the back of the chair.

The boots would sit on old newspapers in the corner next to the door, so as not to get the floor dirty. The dogs had a water bucket and food bowl there as well.

This is my progress thus far. This is a special piece for me, so I want to carefully think through my choices of materials and ideas. (I have also been working on several other projects, so all my ideas can be put to use!)

I'll keep you posted! (ha, ha)

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  1. It's a lovely piece and one that you will enjoy for a long time to come. Very nice!


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