Friday, January 30, 2009

A place to sit. . .

Last weekend we went to HomeGoods, because I needed a chair for my work table. Up until then, the stool at our computer desk was moved back and forth as needed. I found two of these cute folding chairs.

Since we have a small space, the folding aspect is great, because it can be tucked in beside my work table. Both chairs came home, because we needed a fourth chair for our kitchen table. They are sturdy, they were on clearance, and I like the way they look!

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  1. Hi Holly, thanks for visiting. Your blog is looking great. So where in Michigan? I've lived in Michigan, a city called Lavonia, and in the country called Grass Lake, near Ann Arbor. I've been over the Macanaw Bridge, it freaked me out.
    Have a great week end. Visit again. I will too.


  2. I just love Homegoods. You never know what treasures you'll find there.


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