Tuesday, January 20, 2009

History today

The feel of today is hard to describe. Regardless of opinion of faith, political, philisophical, or religious reasonings, this is a day we should all take note of and remember our place.

God has ordained these days, and we need to thank Him for His wisdom, grace and mercy. He knows what will happen next, and no matter what our personal bent, we are witnessing history today.

My husband and I have told our girls that this is a fact. They will form their own opinions as they mature and grow, but one cannot deny that this day holds a special place in our nation's history. Our middle-schooler will watch part of the event at school, and my mother-in-law is recording the event for our younger daughter. It is an exciting day!

God Bless America!

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  1. You are right. I remember when the man walked on the moon. My mom made us kids come in and sit down to watch it. We didn't want to. We wanted to go outside and play. But, she said one day we would be happy because it was history and something we would remember all of our life.

    She was right. To this day I'm happy she made us sit there to watch it. No matter how much I hated it at the time.

    Having a black man in the White House is something many people thought they would never live to see the day.

    It's something everyone alive today will remember.



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