Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have you ever. . .

Have you ever accumulated so many art and craft supplies that you stand dazed and confused when thinking about starting a project?

I can't say I am sure there is such a thing as too many supplies, but I think I have more than I can work through right now. I am trying to pare down, weed out, and focus on what I really want to be creating. It is difficult, because there are so many fun ideas to try. I realize that I cannot create everything. I need to concentrate on my work, my style and my ideas.

There are so many wonderful people out here in the blogoshpere, and I am finding more every day. I do hope to try to connect with some of you, to learn from you, and be inspired by you. I have realized I don't have "artsy" friends close to me. I have wonderful friends, but they don't share the same creative style I have although they are creative in many other ways.

What inspires you?

What do you do when ideas aren't flowing?

Who do you create for? Yourself, your family, the soon-to-be owners of your creation?

Leave a comment or two and let me know why you do what you do!

I appreciate your visit!

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  1. How funny, we were just talking about this at our craft day group, how having too much stuff just confuses and overwhelms! Sometimes it is nice to declutter and clear it all out of the way, then limit yourself to using what is in front of you. A freind said that she likes to do a simple glue book, no ink, no paint, no 3-d, just paper and glue collage.


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