Tuesday, March 17, 2009

More lighthouses. . .

I guess this could be a continuation of the last post. . .
I delivered the basket to my friend in plenty of time for the raffle, and when we visited a few days later, she was showing it to others. Well, she came over to me and said, "something is missing from the basket!"
I was't sure what to do--it turns out her husband, who likes lighthouses, had taken the slate and hung it on their wall! She asked if I could replicate the basket contents, and I said I had another slate, slightly different, but still a lighthouse.
So, this is the slate they purchased. They also asked for more notecards, and another ornament of the building. I still have to finish the ornament. . .but they are happy!Isn't it nice when people appreciate your work? I have wonderful friends!

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  1. Holly the slate is so cute. I've only been in one lighthouse, up in oregon, it made me dizzy climbing the stairs. I'm a wimp.
    I envy the lucky winner of your basket.



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