Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What is your favorite time of day?

I have always loved the evening hours. The end of the day, the end of the rush, the peaceful time to reflect on lessons learned, and joys shared.
Perhaps I cannot relax as much as I used to during this time of day, but there is something about the setting sun that calms me. The warm glow it casts on trees, houses, clouds, faces. . .

There is something to be said for sunrise, though. . .a fresh start, the crisp morning air, and best of all: God's mercies are once again new.

Glorious, isn't it?

Any time of the day is a time to rejoice, give thanks, and be still and know. . .

What is your favorite time of day, and what do you enjoy about it most?


  1. Holly, beautiful pictures, thanks you for sharing them.
    It's the fresh start of the morning that I love, and new beginnings. I can shed off the mistakes I made the previous day and look forward to what God has planned the new day.
    Yes God's mercies ARE renewed today.


  2. Your photos are so lovely and so is your header. :)
    Dusk is my favorite - especially in the summertime. We like to sit outside and watch the fireflies and chat. Very relaxing~


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