Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Beautiful Day

A friend and I went to Borderland State Park today. It was a beautiful sunny day, and we wanted to do something with the kids, outside.

I know this picture is hard to see, the map is protected with plexiglass, and the sun was very bright. . .

We even decided we would picnic there tomorrow with friends after church. (I still need to call people to let them know. . .) I will try to take more pictures when we go back tomorrow.

(This is a picture I took of one set of doors to the mansion at the park, on a different day.)
The park is land that was once owned by a wealthy couple. The man was a Harvard botonist and wanted grounds to study different plants. The wife was an inventer, painter and feminist.
There are two urns at the opening to a circular hedge at the front entrance to the mansion.

This is a close-up of one of them . . .

This is a fountain behind the house, a very tranquil place to sit and listen to the water. . .

Can you hear the gentle trickle of the water as it flows down over each time-worn stone, making music as it falls into the pool below. Each ripple glides over the surface, followed by another, and another. . .

A stair-stepped path covered with branches ready to welcome Spring.

While in other places, flowers are blooming. . .

And down another path, a bright splash of pink (not to mention the tree in full bloom)!

This was a wonderful place to look for little things, and be excited about them.

There is so much to be seen in the details.
There is so much we miss in the details.
How wonderful to know our God is a God of details.
He knows the very hairs on our head!

All-in-all, it was a beautiful day.

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