Thursday, April 16, 2009

More Spring Cleaning

I am working on clearing out more "stuff." I have a box of ornaments that I have had for, oh, about 18 years? A while back, one of the ornaments broke, in the box. I think some other stuff was put on top of it (not too carefully, by me), and this was the result.
I still find it pretty, but I threw it away.

I also put some things on Craigs list today:

Each little thing I work on clearing out, gives me a little sense of progress. . .

Do you have any Spring cleaning projects?

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  1. I felt pretty satisfied a few days ago to bring 14 bags/boxes of kids' clothes, toys, & accessories to the new second-hand shop up the street. Hopefully she'll take most of it. Hubby was happy to see the additional square footage...


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