Saturday, May 16, 2009

Antiques, anyone?

Today two friends and I went to Brimfield. . .
It was so much fun! It is an antiques show, with thousands of vendors from various parts of the country. We were only able to get to a small area of the show, but boy, oh boy! Here are just a few of the things we saw. . .

The photo just doesn't capture the sparkle of the silver on the table. The vendor had it bundled and tied with colorful ribbon on a black cloth, and there were at least three full tables. . .it was stunning!

These are tops to canning jars. I imagine the jars have long since been broken. . .

Aren't these pin cushions just adorable? They were only a couple of inches from heel to toe. . .

There were so many beautiful items. Some made me pause and wonder who used them before, and how did they find their way here? Some reminded me of things that were my grandparents' or are my parents'. Some were just interesting pieces to look at. I wish I would have taken more photos, but maybe that is enough of a reason to go back again another time. . .


  1. Thousands of vendors...are you serious? I have never been to a flea market of that size. Talk about heaven:-)

  2. Hi Holly :)

    What a fantastic place to hunt for treasures! I loved that tub :)


  3. I would love to go to this - thanks for sharing your pictures. Looks like it was fun! :)

  4. hi holly ~
    oh, i would have loved to have met you, wish i had known! a bunch of local 9and one virginian) met to do brimfield.

    i actually don't watch idol either, only watched last night, but have been catching up on-line for the past week or so. i have fallen under it's 9cheesy0 spell and am taping it tonight - lol! there's just something about that adam!

    xo heidi

  5. I love the little salt and pepper shakers!

  6. I am SO envious!! I have always wished to attend Brimfield! Thank you for *taking us along* through your photos and story!


  7. thank you for the comments on the basket post - that was so nice of you :)

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