Monday, June 15, 2009

Here we grow. . .

It has rained quite a bit over the last week, so the garden is very happy!
Mom says that a good rain is so much better than watering by hand.

God is the ultimate Master Gardener. . .

Tomatoes are appearing. . .

The flowers are bright and blooming. . .

The peas are standing tall. . .(I need to get the string in place before they start leaning.)

Cucumbers are coming along nicely. I will have to thin them soon. . .

And the green beans are growing strong too!

This will be a red pepper. . .we just need to wait a bit longer. . .

It is exciting to see things growing, and to know, that really, I have nothing to do with it!
God's hand is visible and active in the garden.


  1. Hi Holly ~

    Thanks for your sweet comments! Hey, you must be a local gal! I live in Danvers, MA. Your gardens look great. Even though we have an acre of land, there really isn't anywhere for a veg garden, so I find my way to the local farm every day to buy, or pick ~ I love it!

    xo Heidi

  2. My husband says the same thing - there's just a chemistry in rainwater that can't be duplicated! :) Your garden looks wonderful, by the way!


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