Thursday, July 2, 2009

Just a quick note. . .

Well, here we are, almost to the end of the first full week of summer vacation. . .and it has been a week full of working on decorations for our church's Vacation Bible School. There hasn't been much extra time to take new photos, of anything, or to work on any projects of my own.

There has been time to visit other blogs (is that procrastination, or avoidance?), although I don't always leave a comment. Maybe it is just me, but sometimes the writing or artwork of others is so beautiful and thought provoking, there is nothing to add. I do enjoy seeing what others are doing, and am amazed by the hard work and creativity that is out there.

VBS is the week of July 13, so I probably won't have much to show for my time until that week. If you happen to be stopping by, thank you for visiting, and I hope you come back again soon!

How do you start and continue your creative process?

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  1. Holly,
    I beg to differ, working in VBS you will have MUCH to show for that effort, while you may not feel it is blog worthy, it is kingdom work of the finest. For years I was "The Craft Lady" in our VBS, organizing and leading VBS craft classes. It was some of the most rewarding work I have ever done.

    I am like you, even though I might visit blogs I don't always leave a comment. As to how do I start and continue the creative process, I am usually inspired by the world around me, views outside my window, sitting quietly and observing. Of course there are blogs to visit, magazines with beautiful images, and imagination are a big part of being creative for me. I try not to let fear stop me from trying new mediums or ideas, they don't always pan out but the learning process is always fun. I also like to surround myself with things that inspire me.

    Have fun in VBS!


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