Saturday, July 25, 2009

Our little excursion. . .

The girls and I went with a friend on a little trip this past week. We were able to get away for a couple of days, and did a little sight seeing.
Over the Tappan Zee. . .

This is Liberty State Park, NJ. This is the train station that sent so many immigrants into the many parts of this great country.
Can you feel the anticipation that hangs in the air? Can you see the excitement and uncertainty on the faces that passed through this very place? This was the final step before they traveled on to find their fortune, their future, their new life. . .
We began our trip in this building, but looking out from the ferry, we saw our next two stops.
Our first stop, Ellis Island.
Here we stepped through the doors of history,
into the great hall where so many people held to what few belongings, if any, they brought with them. Where they answered questions, clinging to the hope that had brought them to these shores.

There were modern exhibits. . .

and pieces of history that were left behind when the building ceased to be used for immigration.

And so near, the modern world awaited the anxious travelers.

Our next destination was in clear view. . .

Liberty Island

The girls and I went up to the observation deck. The crown was open, but we decided that might be too difficult (for me).
Lady Liberty
Isn't she beautiful?

The next day we went to a 9/11 memorial in Eagle Rock Reservation. The statue of the little girl represents the children who were orphaned on that fateful day. The large book behind her lists the names. There is a bronze policeman's hat, and a bronze fire helmet representing the fallen heroes. The wall lists all of the people who lost their lives on that day.
As you look out beyond the monument, you can see the skyline of the city. It was a cloudy day, so it was difficult to see, but if you look closely. . .

It was a good trip. It was a nice time away, and it was wonderful to see the landmarks that were the first many saw when they made the difficult voyage to find their dreams. God has blessed America, and I pray He continues to protect us, not only from those outside our borders, but from ourselves.


  1. Holly,
    What a fantastic tour! Thanks for letting us tag along.

    Thank you for visiting my follow up post on my studio. I agree, our spaces are never really complete, they evolve and change as our hobbies do the same.

  2. Hi Holly :)
    What a great tour. I'd love to do this. We took a family vacation to NYC and Washington, D.C. one year, and we *still* talk about how it was the best vacation we've ever had. We loved it. Hope you have a great rest of the week~

  3. Hi I'm new to your blog, and just loved your beautiful photos! Feels like I was there just looking at them. I've always wanted to go there...


  4. What a great trip. We need to take our kids on that one. America is a great country.

  5. Looks like you and the family had a blast. I didn't know New Jersey and New York are just "neighbors..." Can you tell that I have not been going out? :D
    I want to see Liberty up close someday!
    Nice photos, btw. :)


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