Friday, January 15, 2010

Rome wasn't built in a day. . .

There are bits and pieces of things that I have been hanging onto for quite some time. Have you ever seen this-or-thats you knew would be great for creating something? Well, I finally put together a piece. . .it took a couple of days to actually assemble it, but it took much longer for the idea to hatch, grow, and bloom!
This is a drawer I found (with those behind it) in Brimfield last year. I had a vague notion of an assemblage, but wasn't quite sure where to begin.

This is a bottle I have had for quite some time.
It is from a restaurant that serves breakfast all day. We went there as a family, and one of the girls ordered pancakes. This was the small bottle that poured out the real maple syrup.

It is glass, and is only about 4 inches tall. I knew when I saw it, it needed to to come home with me. I added the label later on.

These two pieces were in my work area for quite some time, not knowing they would someday be put to work, together. (I had no idea either. . .)

I think it is finished. . .how do you know when a project is done?

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