Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Thoughts. . .

The last couple of days have been spent running here and there, not really working on my artwork.
A variety of thoughts have been moving through my head, but none staying still long enough to come into focus. Thoughts about habits, budgets, emotions, ideas, the list goes on and on. . .
Some days, all I can do is think. Other days, motivation is flowing, and things just fall into place. Other days start out with wonderful intentions, but those only last until 10am, or so, then something else comes along.
Sometimes I get caught up in so many of the beautiful blogs out there, and suddenly a couple of hours have passed! Then, having seen all the amazing work that has been done, that slippery slope of self-doubt appears and my blog envy monster creeps in, and the work that had been planned suddenly seems inferior and uninspired. (This happens fairly frequently.)
One thing for me to remember, is what I tell my friends who say they can't draw stick people--God has given all of us some form of creativity, everyone is capable of making art. Perhaps not art that you can hang on a wall, but the art of caring for people, the art of hospitality, the art of friendship. I do believe that people can learn how to draw or paint. I believe that much of that skill is learning how to look at things. There are definitely gifted artists out there, but the rest of us can learn to be artists too!

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