Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great is Thy Faithfulness

Things around here have been difficult.  It weighs heavy on the heart.  Prayers fly up, but faith doesn't always follow. 

It doesn't matter.  God is still God.  He is faithful when we forget.  He is Good when we are not.  He loves when we get too busy.  He Is, when we try hard to be everything to everyone.  He is present to catch us when we cannot stand on our own any longer. 

Great is His Faithfulness. . .


  1. Hi Holly: i am so grateful for your blog. i saw you amongst many others, but i chose you because my daughter is Holly, and i have to hand it to her. i am so happy to have chosen you. Reminders of His faithfulness is always welcome here. His never changing, always true faithfulness is the one thing i can always count on. Thank you, Holly. . .from your friend, Bloom

  2. Thank you for visiting Louise! It is nice to meet you, and your kind words bring warmth to my heart.


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