Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Random Thoughts

Just a few random thoughts that have been running through my head lately...

Tonight I am going to drop off this painting to someone who would like to purchase it.  Our local library had a neighborhood art exhibit, and I was asked to participate.  It ran for the month of September, and near the end someone emailed asking if this painting was for sale!  It is actually two paintings, done at different times, but after seeing someone else layer two canvases, I thought I would try it.  I liked the smaller painting better than the larger, so putting them together really made sense to me. 

We have been looking for places to move, and hopefully tomorrow I will go and see another duplex.  Housing in this area is expensive, so there aren't many options, given our budget.  But I press on! 

Life is crazy with all the activities that our family has.  Running the kids here and there, and trying to organize life is pretty overwhelming most days.  Trying to find time to be creative is difficult.  I wonder how most people get through this?  How do people carve out time for creating? 

Some friends have said they would like to get together and learn some painting skills (not that I know all there is to know about that...) but it would be fun to have a time set aside to just focus on that.  To be able to just relax and work on something for the fun of it.  I guess I just need to pick a day and send out an invite and see if anyone is able to do that. 

So many other random thoughts that don't really warrant space here...I had better go do something!

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