Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Saturday walk-through

This past Saturday I had some time to myself, so I went and walked around a local antique/consignment shop. (That way I wasn't boring anyone who might not appreciate the same things I do...)

I am not sure what this was originally, but it came from a local factory. I thought it would be a neat display piece for a shop...maybe to hold cards, or small trinkets. It was about three feet across.

These were neat. My mom had a set of these when she was first married. I remember the canisters, vaguely.

Some pretty pendants by a local artist...always fun to see what other people are up to!

Neat lamp shade made from an egg basket, or a clam basket depending on where you might be from.

This would be neat over the kitchen table and could be embellished for different times of year.

Neat wooden folding table that was very tempting...

Not sure my husband would appreciate it as much. It was about the size of a modern card table - very cool! (and isn't the brick floor neat? The building is old, so those are actual bricks, not tile made to look like bricks...
Just some other fun things I saw, though I didn't take pictures of everything! That would have been the entire shop!


Two stools that made me wish for a studio so I would have a place to dress them up and use them!


They had several sets of old bed springs.
There are so many possibilities for those!

I hope you enjoyed the quick walk-through with me!

Where are some fun places you have visited?  How did they inspire you?

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