Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Yesterday was the 2013 Boston marathon.  Somewhere near the middle to end of it, near the finish line, there were two explosions.  Three people at this point have died, with many more still in the hospital, some with critical injuries.  It is such a surreal thing to watch. 

For many of us life goes on as before, with a slightly different feel, but still fairly normal.  For many who were right there, who heard, saw, felt…life will be much different.

This world is spinning as it was before, as it has for many, many years.  It will keep spinning as the Lord wills, until He says enough.  We have work to do while it spins.  We have love to share, we have grace to extend as it has been extended to us. We have mercy to show as we have been shown. 

Pray.  Care.  Go.  Love. 

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