Monday, July 29, 2013

The Heart of Summer

Yes, we are in the heart of summer.  That point that lies half-way between the squeals of "no-more-homework" joy and the shuffle of "I-now-have-a-set-bedtime" dread.  The girls are running here and there with friends; to activities and back again.  There is still a schedule, but it is much more relaxed.  No papers to write, no geometry tests to study for, just summer reading, math packets to keep up and driving hours.

Working full-time seems to fill in where there used to be trips to the beach, taking pictures while just driving around, and the general slower motion feeling that I generally associate with summer.  I have a few vacation days here and there, but next year I need to plan ahead, schedule time with the girls.  They are growing fast, and it won't be long before these opportunities won't be available.

But...there are still so many summer tomatoes to eat, corn on the cob to shuck and rays of sunshine to soak in!  I look forward to the second half of this season and the joy and beauty that awaits our discovery...

What is your favorite thing about Summer?

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