Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Tale of an Altered Book Journal - The Beginning

In the place where the fog sits heavy between shafts of shimmering light, where belief and wish dance together with laughter and possibility, an idea forms. This is the place where most ideas are born. Where they begin to take their first steps in the safety of hope, before the shards of reality or cynicism cut through.

The idea begins with a old book. Not a first edition or classic...just an old book with character.

Some of the pages have been removed, some glued together.  Different papers, coats of gesso, both clear and white, have been added to the pages to create a surface that will hold up to various mediums of color and texture. 

This old book will find new life as a canvas for new thoughts, pictures and words. Perhaps the words held on these pages will lend themselves to the new. Time will tell...

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