Friday, August 16, 2013

Much of the Time I Feel Small

This is a small part of Lisa-Jo Baker's Five Minute Friday.  You can visit her site to find all of the details, and read others' thoughts on this week's word:  Small

Setting the timer for five minutes, then writing without edits...

There is a difference between small and insignificant.  I sometimes forget that difference...

Standing next to a grown tree, or a mountain, or the ocean, I feel small, but I also see the majesty of the Creator.  I see His greatness and power and amazing design.  I watch Louis Giglio's talks about the stars and solar system and galaxies and think how awesome is our God!  How amazing that though we sometimes think we are "all that" in the universe, we are smaller than specks...and yet...

And yet the Creator of all of this universe, galaxies, stars, moons, planets, comets, trees, mountains, ocean...the One who designed the solar system, the ecosystem, the cardiovascular, nervous and pulmonary systems...He knows each thought.  He knows each hurt and He cares deeply for each of us. 

He loves us more than we can imagine and in His eyes, we are not small.  We are important.  Important enough for Him to send His one and only Son for our sake, that we might spend eternity with Him. 

I am not insignificant. Small, yes...but loved much.


  1. This is a wonderful post ~ visiting since you linked up before me on the 5 Minute Friday linky this week :) I agree ~ we may be small, but definitely not insignificant in the eyes of God. Happy Friday!

    1. Thanks for stopping by Kera! Happy Friday to you as well!

  2. Hi Holly! I love your point about small not being insignificant. Good insight, and so true. In his eyes, we are not small, just completely precious!

    Nice to meet you today!

    1. Thank you for visiting Ceil, it is nice to meet you as well! Yes, we are all precious in His sight...


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