Friday, August 2, 2013

My story - beginning Chapter XLVI

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This week's prompt:  Story
As I set the timer- fear does take a bit of pushing away to get started...

I have told my story up to a certain point, to the women at my church.  My story begins much like many others.  And yet, it is distinctly mine.  There are sentences, paragraphs and chapters being added every day.  The good news...I know my story has a happy ending.  I know my Prince will come and take me to live in a place He is preparing for me right now.  I know that my "ever after" will be filled with glory and beauty and pure, unadulterated joy!  I cannot wait!

I know that until the final chapter closes, however, I have work to do here.  I know there are others that need to hear their part in this story. I need to be sure to share the story that I have been walking, but to make sure others know that they too, have a part to contribute.

Each day, each step brings me closer and hopefully my heart is following faithfully in the path of the story being written for me.

The End - but not yet...

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  1. Stopping by from FMF. Love your post and I, too, am looking forward with anticipation. In the meantime, let us run with perseverance and run the course well - the race marked for us.


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