Monday, August 12, 2013

Observe, Learn and Imagine...

What does it mean to be teachable?  And what does that have to do with being creative? 

Well, can we really be creative if we aren't willing to learn from those around us?  How can we try something new, or experiment, or imagine if we already think we know all we need?

Look around you.  What do you see?  I know this is a simple question, but how you answer depends on your experience, your knowledge, how closely you look and perhaps where your imagination takes you.

 How about some practice?  

Look at this picture. What do you see?  Don't worry, this isn't a test, just a question...

It is a colander of cherries, sure...but look a little closer...

 Do you see the different shades of red to purple, the small freckles of water that capture the light and reflect it just-so?  The shadows between that seem like bottomless caverns...Then the diagonals of bright green that cross this way and that.

What kind of cherries are those?  Why are some so bright, and others so dark?  

What story could you imagine?  Is this some alien landscape that must be crossed to find a way home?  Is this a land of giants that holds enough food for your entire village, but...? 

So many possibilities...

...from a simple bowl of cherries...

Allow yourself the freedom to imagine.  Encourage questions, from yourself as well as those around you.

Walk through life with a willingness to learn, with senses aware, and imagination engaged.

What would the first line of your story be?


  1. Wow... I don't quite know what the first line of my story would be, BUT I am beyond grateful at how you challenged my perception and lack of presence in even the "simplest" of things... Thank you for that...

  2. I know I need reminders to stop and smell the roses (or cherries) from time to time! Sometimes just looking at the detail of creation allows us to tap into the amazing wonder of our Creator... Thank you for stopping by!


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