Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The "Sense" of Creativity

Our senses give us access to the world around us. They bring old memories forward, and give us new memories.  
The familiar smell of baking bread may conjure a vision of a kitchen from long ago and much like the yeast, the mixture of sounds and voices together with emotion lifts us to another place and time.  It gives flight to our imagination and takes us to a golden-hued connection with the past.  

Perhaps the sound of the ocean waves running to the shore and the feel of the salty breeze off the water wash over your mind as you recall that sunset and the cool evening air, the flutter of your heart as the two of you clasped hands, walking and talking about the future and the possibilities that lie ahead.


The color of the sunrise welcoming a day fresh with new mercies...


The cool grass that waits under the sprawling maple tree...



The crunchy tart of a McIntosh in September...


As the beauty of this world surrounds us, it inspires cleaning, meals, poetry, paintings, songs.  It evokes memories of times past, and thoughts of times that are yet to be.  Our senses allow us to experience this beauty, and hopefully lead us to create as well.

Do you have a favorite sense?  What makes it your favorite?

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