Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Making the Connections

Connections produce energy.  A circuit, a battery, even a wireless network all have connections that produce energy.  Unplug any of these and you just have hardware, wires, metal, plastic.  Not much energy, not much life.

Consider humans.  How do we start our life?  With a physical connection.  That connection sustains us until we are ready for the next step in our journey. Even when the physical connection is cut, there is an emotional connection, a need to know that we are loved and cared for.  This gives us a place of safety and courage to take our first steps, to walk and then run as we discover new things.  How many of us long to connect with a purpose, an idea, another person?  These things give us energy and life.

There are days when I have to be the connector, the adapter, the extension cord, if you will.  I have to reach out to others and impart encouragement, energy and life. I need to be sure I am seeing with a caring, compassionate heart. I can do this well, only if I stay connected to the One who created energy and life.

There are days where I feel disconnected.  Oh, I see people, I talk with people, I spend time with people, but I don't really connect.  Anyone else have days like this?  Those days where loneliness invites me to sit and commiserate, while it tells me all of the reasons I don't feel a part of something. Some days, I listen.  I absorb all of those words, those insidious thoughts that creep in and curl their fingers around my spirit, picking apart my actions, the actions of others, and on and on...I try to fight those days, those thoughts.  Those are the days I strive to remember Psalm 91, and hide beneath those wings and cling to the One who created me, who knows me and calls me to follow Him.

There are times for connecting through creating.  For researching ideas and pursuing thoughts through writing, cooking, painting, reading.  Sometimes we don't need direct contact with a person to be energized.  Sometimes seeing what others have done can inspire us to create on our own.

There are times for quiet and solitude, where we can recharge by spending time with God and reading His words to us.  There are times where we will feel the need for encouragement from others, but if that doesn't happen, we can run to Him.

Where do you find connection?  Leave a comment and let me know...

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