Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday - More Than a Tree

When I saw the prompt for today's Five Minute Friday was "tree" I was excited, and a little hesitant - as I usually am when I think about writing with no edits. But, here goes...


This word which conjures such images and has deep roots for me.  Going back to college when I was working on an art piece and challenged by my professor to think about it a little differently.  A tree is rooted at the center of my faith.  A tree bridges my way from darkness to light.

Every tree I see, whatever form it might take, brings this to mind

A tree with its branches stretched to the sky offering shade to those beneath or a home to those above.

A telephone pole that carries lines of power, electric, heat, conversation, words of hope, encouragement

A fence that draws a boundary between where things should be...

A tree that held my Savior who held my sin so that I could have hope, welcome, power, a place to call home, a reason to worship and raise hands, and I know the place where I should be.

So many things just from seeing a word - Tree

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Five Minute Friday

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  1. I love this!!! The fence and it's boundary really caught my eye as not ever tree ends up being used for it's height.
    Nice job!
    Stopped in from Five Minute Friday


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