Friday, January 24, 2014

DSLR Manual Setting Experiments

Here are a few photos I took over the last couple of days, playing with some of the settings on my camera.  I was really just trying to see how the images would change...
I did make some changes to the "white balance" also.  That is a setting on the camera that allows for different types of light, cloudy day, sunny, fluorescent lights, incandescent... etc. 

 1/40 f5.6 ISO 400
 1/4 f5.6 ISO 1600 w/ flash
 1/4 f5.6 ISO 1600
1/4 f5.6 ISO 1600
  1/4 f4.5 ISO 800
 1/30 f3.5 ISO 1600
 1/30 f3.5 ISO 3200
 1/30 f4.5 ISO 3200 monochrome
 1/30 f4.0 ISO 3200 monochrome
 1/30 f3.5 ISO 3200 monochrome
1/30 f3.5 ISO400  monochrome
I will be playing with these settings more, but this is a good start!
 Do you take many photos?  Do you use a camera, or a phone to take most of them?


  1. What a good experiment! I'm lazy and mostly use the pre-set modes on my digital camera. I find aperture and shutter speed confusing.

    1. I know what you mean Elise! It took me several times reading through the various setting descriptions before I even knew where to begin...


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