Friday, January 10, 2014

Looking for order. . .and everything else!

Well, as I may have mentioned, we moved last weekend, and for any of you who have moved...ever... you understand the title of this post!

While all of the absolute necessities have been located, there is still quite a lot of unpacking to do.  We have survived a week amidst boxes and bags

and did I mention, boxes?

I know I need to set order to this space.  There is something about living in chaos that sets everyone on-edge.  If things are organized, neat and put-away, it will lead to comfort, and maybe some peace - at least in this space that we occupy.

I would like this to be a place to connect and relax, away from the noise outside.  I imagine this as a place where friends can come in, sit and have conversations about every day things and plans for the future, and maybe even learn new things.  

As I weed through boxes, sorting, saving, sentimentalizing (is that a word?  I needed alliteration...) I work toward a sense of knowing we are "home" in this place, and look forward to making this home together as a family.

So while I may not know where all of the books are, or where the mouse for the computer is, nope, not that box...I know as I unpack, I will find these things and so much more!

How do you use your space?  And would you like to use it for a different purpose?

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