Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Notes to Self - January, 2014

Here we are a month into the new year!

There are so many ideas, thoughts, plans and to-dos running through my head.  I make lists that either grow or multiply to several different pieces of paper, depending on where I am when the next idea reaches the end of my fingertips.

I have ideas that I have committed to, so those are in process. . . or progress. . . I have started them.  There are many others that still lie as mere markings on the surface of some piece of paper.  The big questions is: can I turn those markings into makings?  Thinking doesn't require moving, but accomplishing something does.

Accomplishing something requires focus

I expend so much energy thinking about what to do, planning my next project. . . that I have no energy left to actually DO the project!  Am I the only one?  Anyone?  Just me?  Okay. . .

This year, though I don't make resolutions, I am trying to really take steps in bringing some of these ideas to fruition, and try to get our family involved in the process so we can all benefit!
  • I am organizing our new living space as I unpack which will help. . .
  • Keep that living space clean!  Not talking spotless, but maybe dust-free -er and clear table -er
  • I am trying to have a plan for meals (this one is still a pretty rough sketch, any help is appreciated. . .)
  • I am organizing my creative space (though this is the last space to get fully unpacked)
To Be Continued. . .

What is your favorite organizing or meal planning tip?  Share in the comments! 

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