Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Starting Over - Again

We moved this past weekend, just across town, but still it is a new start for us, and I am excited!  We couldn't have done it so quickly or efficiently without some amazing friends!  They helped pack and pack, and pack...and then helped move all of those boxes to our new apartment.

One surprising thing I did, was to hang a couple of pictures - three, to be exact - right away.  I find that usually I am  hesitant to make a hole in a wall that is not mine (for the record, these nails were left behind by the previous tenants), and making a decision which picture to hang where seems much more difficult when the walls are blank.  It is like getting a nice, new leather journal, and wondering what types of thoughts it should contain, and when to dare make a mark on that pristine first page.

I do find that putting things on a wall, whether posters, calendars, or pictures, warms up a space, gives it warmth and definition, makes it more "home."  Fortunately, my girls seem to have no problem with this.  They made their rooms their own from the get-go.  They know how to claim a space and make it an extension of themselves.  Me?  Not so much.

Maybe it was because the nails were already there, and maybe because the first paintings I came across in unpacking seemed to fit well in those spaces, or maybe it was, dare I say, a diminishing fear of being "just so," and an increasing need to make this space our own.

Whatever the reason, the paintings are hanging on the wall, and they look nice there!

Do you have troubles deciding what and when to hang things on the wall, or is it just me?


  1. yes I do. It seems so permanent once it's up...but it really isn't permanent other than in the mind! It's mental work, and repairing a hole to move something is more work!

    1. Yes... that "permanence" and repair seem so much worse in my head!

  2. I find it a lot easier when it's pictures you painted! I always find the perfect spot for Holly Jane paintings.
    Love, Liza

    1. Thank you Liza! I appreciate your appreciation! :)


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