Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Our Storied Connection

S t o r i e s

I was talking with my mom the other day, and she mentioned how much people like to hear stories.  How, when there is a story attached to something, it seems to pull the listener or observer in closer to hear the details.

It holds true for me because when I write, or paint, or think, I don't just think of an object or place, I look deeper for meaning, a connection, a story.  I realize that many of the things I have created came with a story, or a story came as I worked on them.  The story with the Tree of Life was written as the painting changed and changed again.  I just had to write it down.  And the basket story wasn't there when I started, but as I finished, the story started.

Each of us has our own story.  We all have a beginning and are living out our middle.  Some of us might be closer to our final chapter than others, but there is still much left to write.  With what has been given to me, I add new lines, paragraphs, chapters. . .

This is not The End,

it is To be continued. . .

Do you connect more with something that has a story?

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