Friday, February 21, 2014

The Basket Case

I was finishing up this basket I was working on, made from store fliers that I find waiting in our mailbox each week.  Being the way I am, I can't just throw them out - well, we recycle, so they would have been recycled - anyway, it seemed I could do something more with them, so I researched and hypothesized, and here is my experiment.
Oh, but as I was finishing up this basket, the thought went through my head of this not-so-perfect analogy. . . bear with me. . .
I am a basket case. 
As we go through life, we do what we need to do, try to fulfill some purpose that we may or may not know, go on our merry way to live our life as we see fit. 
What happens when we cross paths with God?  Really, He is always around us, but that is another story. . .
God has a purpose for us.  He has plans to use us and He asks us to follow Him.
What does this have to do with a basket?
When we meet God and accept His gift of salvation, when we believe that He is, we are exercising faith.  In this story, faith is the glue that holds us together.

We are the paper.  We think we have one purpose, but God has a purpose for us as well. 
As we begin our walk with Jesus, God's Son, we find that there are a set of guidelines that He asks us to follow.  These are for our good.  Much like a parent sets boundaries to protect their child, these are boundaries to protect our hearts and minds.
 As God conforms us to His purpose, it requires faith on our part to trust that He knows us and will never leave or forsake us.
 Sometimes the conforming seems to take such a long time,


 and can seem painful and tedious.
But eventually we can see something changing in us.  Or maybe others notice it first. 
 As God works in us, bending our will, teaching us His, we begin to take shape.  
There may be parts of this process where we seem to be standing still, pinned to a situation or circumstance that is unpleasant or difficult. 

God is still working. 
Still forming. 
Still present.

This basket is like me.  I am a temporary vessel.  I am re-purposed.  Just because God has made me and is changing me, doesn't mean I will be perfect here, but I can see His fingerprints. 

And all of those spaces. . . those gaps?  Those are places where God's love can spill out because I am not in the way.  I just need to seek Him and allow His work to continue.

We won't see the finished work on this earth, but there are purposes God has for us.  We may not fully understand now, but in time we will. 


  1. Wow... if you only knew how I needed to hear that today.... Sometimes the conforming can seem to take such a long time and feel painful and tedious..BUT - how I cling to your "eventually." Loved visiting you today. You embody "a gentle quiet spirit that is so precious to God." And I truly needed this word.

    1. Thank you for visiting. . .and for your many kind words!


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