Friday, March 7, 2014

Outside the Fence. . . Open the Gate!

Thoughts have been running through my head the last couple of days - let me start again, because there are ALWAYS thoughts running through. . .

Specific thoughts have been running through my head - of taking the fences down from around my thinking.  Thoughts about letting myself think in a bigger way, understanding and accepting and moving on the idea that I might have a circle of some influence established, but that doesn't have to be the boundary.  That fence row isn't the end of the possibilities, it is just a marker, and a stopping point to survey the horizon, consider my options and chase those sparks beyond the fence.

Can I reference a popular movie that is out?

Fear kept abilities, strengths, gifts. . . inside the gate.  Fear didn't allow anyone else to share the happy memories, the joy that those abilities could carry.

My reason for opening the gate is different in that I don't want to hide this ability behind a facade of strength, I want to learn to appreciate it.  I am not looking to go off and build and ice castle away from everyone in order to do that.  I want to share this with those who care about me, but I also want to learn to explore, stretch myself and see just what I am capable of doing.  

I want to stop living in the scarcity mindset and understand what I can contribute to others.

I want to be willing to hear my calling, to step out and step into what I am made to do, who I am made to be and where I am meant to go.  I want to focus my pursuit on the One who loves me, created me and supplies every need. 

Five Minute Friday


  1. It is a life long journey isn't it? Keeping oneself open to that call, to find out where you are supposed to be. Visiting from FMF and I love your post. :) Thanks for sharing.

  2. HI Holly! Wanted to stop by and thank you for your kind comment. So glad I did!! Thoughts are always running for me as well...will definitely stop by again. Thanks for the encouragment today.


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