Friday, April 18, 2014

Messy. Sticky. Necessary. Glue - Five Minute Friday

It has been a while since I participated in Lisa-Jo Baker's five minute Friday, but this week I decided to jump in again.

She gives a word prompt every Friday, a starting point to keep the page from staring blank back at us, and we write for five minutes, no edits, no fear, just beauty.  Here goes.

This week's word:  Glue

Glue.  Messy, sticky, useful, necessary.  We reach for it when we find something broken, something worth saving, keeping, mending.  It squeezes out of the smallest cracks as pressure is applied, pieces working toward healing.  It can cover so many things, fingers, paper, table, glass.  So many options for setting things right.

Glue.  In process it seems it can take forever to dry, to really work.  Sometimes pressure has to be applied longer than we would like in order for the true mending to take place.  Then things set aside for a time before they become useful again.  The waiting can seem an eternity.

Is it dry yet?
What about now?
Can I use this cup again?
Will this vase hold water for the blooms I gathered?

Glue.  Love.  Time.  Patience.
Five Minute Friday

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  1. Visiting from FMF. :) I am not so great at patience. I am learning. Blessings.


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