Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Some Summer Ramblings

It has been a crazy couple of weeks - at least in my head!  There have been various obligations and activities, and adjusting to the schedule of Summer seems to be taking me some time this year!

The girls and I were helping with Vacation Bible School at our church last week, so between work and running over there, they were full days! 

My youngest needs/wants a rug for her room, and with many of them being expensive, and our budget rather small, I turned to the Internet (and many creative people) for ideas.  I found various versions of pom-pom rugs, and that is what we are doing!  My daughter picked out the colors of yarn she wanted, and I am making the pom-poms.  It is a simple activity that can be done while watching TV, and doesn't require too much focus.  Once I use up all of the yarn, I will tie the pom-poms onto some of the rubber shelf-liner, or you could use non-slip matting that goes under small rugs. 

That is my latest summer project, and there are many other things that I still have to finish. . . Often my project for the day or week is dependent on my attention span or time availability. 

I have also been trying different flavors of "infused" water.  I am really enjoying cucumber and basil added to my water.  It is very refreshing, and adds just enough flavor to make it that much more enjoyable.  I have done lemon or lime slices in the past, and still like those, but would like to try watermelon, or blueberry, or some combination of summer fruits.

Any suggestions?

I think that is all for now, so until next time. . .

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