Tuesday, September 9, 2014

As the Tables Turn

You may recall how a friend of mine gave me a table "puzzle" a while ago.  It is a beautiful table with some interesting features.
Well, I tried putting the table together.  After filling some of the old holes and buying new screws to attach the top to the legs and apron, I was ready to turn the table upright.
It didn't go so well.  One of my girls helped me get it on its feet, and then the screws holding the sliders (extenders) let go, and the table fell like someone had given it a karate chop in the middle.  The pieces were still in good shape, nothing broke, but the wood filler wasn't enough to hold the screws.

I talked with my dad to see what he thought, and he gave me a few suggestions including moving the sliders out a little, making new holes and moving on from there.   I just wasn't sure I would be able to use the center leg if I spaced the sliders farther apart.  And, since my dad doesn't live close and my skills are not the master carpenter or cabinetmaker level, I needed to consider some other options.

I started thinking about making a table top out of boards, for a farm table look.  That way I could make it longer to accommodate more friends!  I looked at some pictures on Pinterest and Ana White's plans and started thinking about what I could do.

Then a friend introduced me to the "materials" section on Craigslist!  There were so many treasures there, from 18 inch wide pine boards, to columns (not for the table), to flooring. . .  As I scanned the listings I came up to an ad for antique cupboard doors.

Aren't they nice?  Each door was 20 inches wide by 80 inches tall.  And 40"x80" would be a nice table size!

So after some discussions with my husband, my mom, my friend...  We went ahead and got the doors!  They were inexpensive and when we went to pick them up, the gentleman who was selling them had a story to go with them!  He said he worked in Charlestown (MA) and heard that they were renovating the Warren Tavern, but just tearing things out without a thought for what could be re-used or salvaged.  He went over and was able to acquire some wide plank flooring, some paneling and these doors.  When I asked what he had used some of the other materials for, he said his father and grandfather were cabinetmakers, and though he didn't pursue that for his employment, he did make some blanket chests and cabinets with some of the pieces.

He told us he was trying to downsize his collection of materials, as his children weren't interested in taking up the cause. 

I am in the process of cleaning them up.  I scraped off some of the loose paint, scrubbed them with warm soapy water. . .
 and then used some baking soda and water to get a little more of the "history" off.

There is some rusty old hardware on the doors that I will need to try to remove, so that will be the next step.   I am not going to strip the paint because I really like the character of the crackle and scratches.  I will seal the doors to keep the paint from chipping off and protect the finish, and then it will be a matter of attaching the doors to the apron and legs. . .and more than likely some more consultations with my dad!

I'm not there yet, but I hope to work on that over the next couple of weekends! 

What projects to you have going right now?  Share in the comments, I would love to hear what you are up to!


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