Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Stay Tuned. . .

I am working on putting together some things in an attempt to get a regular posting schedule going.  My tentative plan is to post two or three times a week.

- For Mondays I am working on putting together a series walking through art journaling.   It will start up the end of this month, to prepare us for walking through November with eyes and hearts of gratitude.  So stay tuned for a little instruction to come with those posts!

- Wednesdays will include updates and progress on current projects, which might just be brief descriptions or pictures of things I have going. 

- Beginning this Friday, I will be sharing the stories of my art.  These posts will give some background on some of the work I have done, which could include what inspired the piece or what transpired in my thinking while I was working on it.

I am looking forward to sharing these ideas with you, and would love to hear what ideas you are working on! 

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