Friday, October 31, 2014

The Story of My Art - "Come to the Table"

Whether it was the only-slightly-slower-paced days of summer or the bustling excitement of holidays, my grandma's kitchen was always a place where things were happening.  It might have been ice cream sodas after the hay had been put up in the barn, or a lunch on-the-go with Grandpa in the fields.  Maybe it was pancakes for breakfast or turkey with all the trimmings for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It didn't matter what time of year, or day of the week - just "come to the table."
This was one of my first experiments with paper as a background.  I liked the look and colors of these papers, so I cut them into varying sizes, though all rectangular, and began layering them on a the back of a shadow box frame I had.  I added some shading and highlights with acrylic paint, accenting some of the details in the paper design, and giving some depth and dimension to different areas.  I also noticed some of the shapes in the red paper looked like hearts, and added more on the blue.

This sat unfinished for a time, and when I looked at it, it somehow reminded me of a grandma's wallpaper.  As I pondered what to add, I decided I would add the fork, knife and spoon, using the pattern that my grandma used for everyday meals.  It was simple and utilitarian, but when I see it, I am back in her kitchen with the sights, smells and sounds that waffle between memory and dream.

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