Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Art Journaling - Jumping In

Now that we have our pages prepared, we will start adding layers of color and texture. This is going to be where your individuality comes into play. I will walk through the process, but you can add more or less as you work on your own pages.

In my book, I am not adhering to any hard and fast rules, this is where you let your creativity wander, and have fun with the project!

Using this post title as a creative prompt these first few pages will follow a theme of "jumping in." Here are a few words that theme brings to mind:
  • diving in
  • water
  • jumping
  • splashing
  • toes first
  • no fear
  • cannonball!!
  • water wings
  • life preserver
  • beach ball
And when you see the words, where does your imagination take you? What colors come to mind? Do you see the water, maybe poolside with puddles and sunshine and laughter? As you think about diving in, do you imagine standing on the edge of the pool, or if you are REALLY brave, the end of the diving board, toes curled over the edge, staring down the sparkling ripples on the water's surface? That flutter in your stomach of - what is that - excitement, anticipation, fear...

Does that same flutter arrive when you think about doing anything creative, or when you think about this art journaling? Sometimes you just have to jump in! So. . .
Here we GO!

Here are some photos showing the beginning of the process:
book pages painted with gesso

several pages glued together

To be continued. . .
Is there a project that you are "jumping" into?

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