Friday, November 14, 2014

The Story of My Art - "Wilson's"

This is an oldie!

About a year after I graduated college, a friend who lived in Northern Illinois invited me on a 5-day summer bike trip with her, her sister and a couple of other friends.  We were headed to Door County, Wisconsin.  I drove from Michigan to her house in Illinois (only about six hours), with  my bike in the back seat of my car.  (I didn't have a bike rack, and where the front wheel was removable, it worked just fine!)
We snapped photos each day before we started out, holding up fingers to count each day.  And each day took us through more beautiful scenery. It was a beautiful trip through pastures of cows and fields of sunflowers, and along the coast of Lake Michigan...

We ended our trip at Rowley's Bay, and spend a couple of nights there before heading back.  One of the couples on the trip had driven their van up before we left, so we loaded up our bikes and drove back.  On our way back, we stopped at Wilson's, for ice cream.

Wilson's Ice Cream, Door County, Wisconsin
My friend said her family always stopped there when they were in the area.  I snapped a photo of it and as I began to play with watercolors, it seemed a good subject to try to capture.  This is an early work in watercolor.

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