Thursday, January 29, 2015

Cold Weather and Baking Bread

I live in the Northeast, and as you may have heard, we had some snow this week.

During the first storm which came through on a Saturday, I decided to make some bread.  I found this recipe for 4 Hour Baguettes and since I have a thing for baking bread by hand, I had to try it!

I don't have any pictures of the mixing or rising dough, but it was pretty straightforward.  It just required some patience and not too much watching or poking...

They came out of the oven looking nice and authentic (maybe not quite as pretty as true French baguettes, but not bad for a first try!)

Even the inside looked like a good baguette with lots of holes and a chewy texture...I will definitely be making those again!

Then the past couple of days we were visited by a blizzard!  Juno, to be exact.  And with the wind howling and the snow flying past the windows, I thought it was a good day to warm up the kitchen with another batch of bread.  This time, we needed bread for sandwiches so I went with a wheat bread recipe from the cookbook my grandma gave me as a wedding shower gift.
Again, it took some patience to let the yeast do its work, but since I was working from home during the storm, I had some tasks to keep me occupied.
I would like to try sourdough, though I know there is some prep work and warmth needed in getting a starter. . . well, started.  So that might be something to try when the weather is a little warmer.

Until then, it might be time for another batch of pretzels ... hmm...

Do you bake bread?  If so, what is your favorite recipe?
If not, what keeps you from giving it a try? 


  1. Yes Holly, I love baking bread. To be honest, i love it most because it smells so good in the house:). I'm from Germany and we have an awesome good huge variety of full grain breads. So I take whatever full grain flour we have and add the nuts I like best with this mix, water, salt, yeast and maybe koreander and then after some raising I bake it. I'll try your baguette receipt.
    Thank you for the inspiration!

    1. Mmm, your recipe sounds wonderful, Carla! Thank you for sharing, and yes, the smell of baking bread is such a homey comforting thing... :)


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