Friday, February 13, 2015

The Story of My Art - "Kusterer's Last Stand"

I painted this over 25 years ago, when I was just getting the feel for watercolors.  It was also when I used to take my 35mm film camera with me wherever I went.  You just never know when inspiration will appear, so you have to be prepared.  As Picasso said, "Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working."

I could learn from my younger self...

The original photo was taken in downtown Chelsea, Michigan. (I'll show it to you if I can find it!)  Something about the storefront caused me to pause and take another look, and then a photo.  It seemed a sad end to a chapter of someone's history, as the windows stood covered in a red paper, the awning tattered and faded.  While progress moved along the sidewalk, this spot looked as though it had been left behind. 

Watercolor Painting

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