Friday, March 6, 2015

The Story of My Art - "Destinations Unknown"

I took a photo of the ferry/train station that we passed through to board the ferry to Ellis and Liberty Islands.  As we walked through, I felt a sense of wonder and curiosity about the many feet that had shuffled through this space...
Because I find different structures and architecture interesting, and because my mind works this way, I thought about making it into a painting...

For. Years.

Finally I decided to begin.  

This is the point where I am just laying in some shapes and colors to begin.  There is a picture in my head of what I think this will look like, but that doesn’t always match the final outcome.  It does give a direction, though, and it is a start!
As work began on the painting, those thoughts of doubt crept in.  The thoughts that say, "this isn't going to turn out right," or, "are you sure that is how you wanted it to go?"  Those are the thoughts that keep me from starting things.  Things like paintings of train stations...  And even though I have started, if I listen too long to them, they keep me from working on the painting.

Those are the words of fear.  
I think about how I need to keep working on creative things to deal with stress and emotion that hovers over me.  So I need to push through those doubts and pick up the paintbrush and keep trying.

This is all part of the story of this painting.  I'm not sure exactly how I will incorporate that fear and processing, and I don't know where the process will take me or how the painting will turn out.  But I have to keep working on it...

Sometimes there are parts that don't turn out quite right, and need to be covered up and worked on again.  Sometimes the mistakes are necessary to learn from, and will only make the outcome better.

Just like the travelers who walked through this terminal so many years ago, I don't know what lies ahead.  Just through those gates and onto the platform next to the tracks, these adventurers, explorers, seekers stood waiting to board the train that would take them through the next part of their journey.  

I imagine them as they sped along the rails, heading West, heading North, heading South, anticipating reunions with family or the unknown of some city or town where they would seek housing and employment, they would watch the landscape passing by their window.  I wonder about the fear, the anticipation, the excitement they carried with whatever belongings they may have brought across the sea.

This painting is still a work in progress, but an adventure awaits.  There are so many possibilities, so I keep moving forward.

The trip continues to destinations unknown...

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