Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A Graduation Celebration - Preparations

We are prepping for a graduation party...

Our oldest has finished High School (that's her on the left - from quite a while ago - sigh), and is getting ready to head off to college in the Fall.  It really doesn't seem possible! But here she is with friends at her final High School Music Concert (again on the left...)

There are different parts to this planning process.  There is the "Yay! Done with school" part, the "What do you want to have for your party" part, and the "Wait, I'm not ready for this" part.  All of these are swirling through my brain as I try to get a handle on details for this day.

My parents don't live close, and so they have graciously and generously helped with renting a few tables and chairs, and they also purchased a canopy for us to use (which will also come in handy for our youngest in a couple of years...).  I have a small canopy that I will use for the food tables, so those details are set.

The decorations will be simple, but I do want there to be decorations.  This has been discussed with the Graduate not to worry, and she and I seem to be on the same page.

The food is simple - a taco bar!  I am planning on making pulled pork and shredded chicken, so people can either make tacos, or small sandwiches if they prefer.  The toppings for the tacos will be your typical assortment of tomatoes, guacamole, cheese, salsa, etc.  and she would like to make small bowls with the tortillas, forming them inside or on the bottom of a muffin tin then baking them.

I think we are going to do cupcakes instead of a large cake, so people can take one as they come and go, and the cake won't dry out in the process.  I haven't decided on how I will decorate them yet...

You can check out my Pinterest board for Graduation Celebrations to see some of the inspiration and ideas we are collecting!

I will post more details and pictures as we get closer (and I have more things ready...)! :)

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