Monday, February 1, 2016

The Gift of Encouragement - and a Giveaway! Giveaway now closed

There are a couple of things that led to this post.
  • I am the mother of a college student
  • I like to think of new ideas and projects
  • My college student has a birthday in the next few months
  • College students like care packages
  • College students need encouragement
Okay, so maybe five isn’t “a couple” but you get the idea…
Anyway… My idea is for a package that can be sent to anyone, but to start, I am thinking college students.   What do you think of sending a little birthday celebration/care package?  There will be different options, but to begin I was thinking for a daughter, niece, etc. a package with some (not all) of the following:
  • a cute little banner/garland,
  • some encouraging note cards,
  • perhaps a paper flower bouquet or tiny wreath (something small to add a bit of home-y-ness to their room),
  • an illustrated, encouraging quote to hang on the wall
  • a crocheted coffee cup cozy
  • reusable hand warmers
Now…can I ask for your help?

If you were a college student, are a college student, know a college student (male or female), what simple, handmade item(s) would you like to see included?  How many items would you want included?  Would you want it spread out over a few mailings, like a short subscription of sorts?

**I’m not looking for food items, but am considering the option of having it sent either directly to the student, or to the “gifter” so they can add favorite snacks and goodies…**

On to the giveaway part!!!
If you would leave a comment letting me know what other ideas you have for items to include, and maybe who you would send a package to, I will enter your name in a drawing for a sample package!!!

Thanks for your input!  :)


  1. Lol I'm kind of a in between since I'm college age (21) but not currently enrolled in college..I love the idea of pretty handmade items. I would prefer sending a lot at once, maybe 5-6 items.

    handmade items:
    wrist warmers like you mentioned
    scarf, or little purse/ bag
    homemade soap
    lip balm
    a little miniature sketch of anything peaceful like flowers :)
    handkerchief just for kicks ;)
    something Hawaii theme like a homemade leis because why not
    polymer clay charm like cupcake, cookie, rose whatever is recipient's favorite and put it on a necklace

    I'm having trouble thinking of simple ideas! You stole them with the quotes etc ;)

    1. Thanks for the suggestions! They are all great ideas, and I'm very glad you shared them! :)


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